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Portfolio Review 2023: Crossing the $200,000 Milestone

Time files, and we've already headed into yet another year.

I was re-reading some my old posts, and I chanced upon a December 2020 article:

In that post, my portfolio had just tipped over the $100,000 mark, and I was hoping then that the next $100,000 would take about 3 years. Well, the great news is that it happened in just 2 years!

Current Portfolio Value: $206,000

Very blessed indeed to see this number, and as we head into a year of doubt and uncertainty, there will be more buying opportunities. 2022 hammered REITs badly, and so I'll start to nibble on them again.

Here are the dividend statistics for 2022:

Total dividends received in 2022: $8585.77

Average monthly dividend: $715.48

Average yield: 4.16%

Some stocks I bought in 2022 has not started paying dividends yet, or has just resumed. As I accumulate more REITs into the portfolio, we should be able to see slightly higher yields. But I'm not a yield-chaser, and I'm comfortable with the businesses I'm vested in.

Plans and Goals for 2023

Looking at the top 5 holdings on my portfolio, I'm definitely overweight on banks. I won't be adding more unless they dip below certain technical indicators, but I'll be looking to add on to other existing positions or enter into new ones.

So here are the things I'd like to achieve this year:

  1. Achieve $12,000 in dividends

  2. Eat mindfully, exercise more regularly (weight-lift, cycle, jog)

  3. Be more patient and loving to my family and friends

  4. Work-related: Be awesome in system design

All in all, I'm pretty excited for what this year will bring.

As always, keep safe, and stay happy!

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