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Goals Review: September 2020

Hi again, it's time for a September update.

Nothing much happening on the stocks front, except that I entered into a smallish long position with Centurion Corporation Limited (SGX:OU8).

It's a company which I've always been wanted to be vested in, and I also mentioned in last month's update.

I feel that Centurion Corp has done a pretty good job managing the COVID-19 outbreak within the dormitories, and watching a recent Q&A with the CEO made me realize that the management has been very forthcoming, and presented a good idea of how the company is faring in the midst of the crisis, and how it is pivoting itself to take advantage of the macro-outlook in the next few quarters.

So while I feel that prices for Centurion Corp will probably remain depressed for the next few quarters, I think if managed properly, they will be one of the few companies which should bounce back pretty quickly, once a vaccine is finally found.

In addition, as the government and the various ministries deliberate on Phase 3, there will be more buying opportunities into the companies which will benefit from it. So that's something to look into as well.

Dividends for September: $659.80

What's on my watchlist:

- ComfortDelGro (one of the companies which will directly benefit from Phase 3)

- Wilmar Intl (big share buyback by Kuok recently, which is the type of news I like to hear)

Non-Financial Goals

Health - Something I'm very thankful for is that I've been getting very good blood pressure readings over the last 4 months during my regular trips to the GP to restock on hypertension medication. It's something that I find hard to control despite being consistently the healthiest amongst my colleagues when it comes to fitness and food. It's just... genes. But since circuit breaker, the BP reading has been below 130/80.

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm doing to make it like that.

It could be that:

- I'm eating two meals a day (lunch @ 1pm, dinner @ 7pm)

- I'm cycling about 70km a week

- I started drinking black coffee

I guess if it works, I'll just continue with this and see how it goes. I'm due for a lipids test, and that's something I'm very interested in, to see if there's a correlated drop in LDL.

Work - Due to a recent department restructure in early September, I now find myself leading a team of 5. To be honest, the work is a lot more demanding now as they are actually 2 separate teams with different job functions, and I've never done one of the job functions before. So there's this sense of imposter syndrome, or feeling of incompetence, which I'm feeling on some days. Initially I felt this urge to identify all the problems and pivot the team to resolve them, but I've learned that it's also important to just spend some time to absorb everything. It puts you in a good position to really identify the real problems and find solutions for them, and I'm glad that Management is giving me the space and time for it.

So while I'm excited for this new opportunity, I'm also learning to live with the feeling of being totally outside my comfort zone, after almost 2 years of doing something which I am technically competent in.

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