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Investment Portfolio Review: October 2020


- 2000 ComfortDelGro (C52) @ $1.47

- 1500 @ Wilmar Intl (F34) @ $4.37

- 500 SIA (C6L) @ $3.57

I decided to nibble these counters a bit in the month of October, primarily to 'get ready' for Phase 3A. CDG and SIA should benefit from Phase 3A. As more workers head back into the office, we'll see an uptick in demand for cabs as some people would most likely want to avoid public transportation, because, well, COVID.

As for SIA, this one's a very tiny nibble just to get my feet wet. We're slowly seeing more borders and travel bubbles being opened up slowly, and although it'd be a while more before we see a full resumption of flights, I'll start to put this on watch and nibble whenever possible.

Wilmar Intl has been a long-stay in my portfolio, and if I recall it's probably the 2nd counter I bought in my life, with QAF being the first. I think people were baffled when its price tanked on the day of the listing of its China unit (thank you, shortists). Fundamentally I think Wilmar is sound, and diversifying into China agribusiness is a long-term business transformation play. While it's price would probably be volatile in the short-term, I have been and will continue to be in a long position, so I'll just see volatility as a good opportunity to scoop up more.

Dividends for the month: $185.72

Dividends for the year: $2726.65


Okay, now that the financial bit is over, let's talk something else.

Work has been pretty hectic ever since I was asked to manage 2 sub-teams within the department in September. Sometimes the anxiety can be quite bad that I wake up with my heart beating quite hard and fast, and I sometimes find myself just being very kanchiong whenever I think about work. Monday blues are legit real now, which is something that came to me as a surprise as I used to enjoy work a lot. One of the sub-teams I inherited has broken processes, and is perpetually on fire all the time. I find it difficult to lead a team in doing work which I have no experience whatsoever, especially when the guys under me look for solutions to problems I've never encountered before, for tools which I've not used before. The fact that I have been thrown into the 'deep end' compounds the loneliness I'm also starting to feel while working exclusively from home. Maybe working from the office isn't that bad of an idea after all :-)

Mental health is something I didn't think I would have to worry about, since I do love my (old) responsibilities at work and used to wake up happily to start work. But now I have to dig a lot deeper and be more resilient, and to learn to take greater care of both my physical and mental well-being. I'm pretty sure it'd get better as the months go by, and as the proper processes are put in place to protect the team.

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