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Goals Review: January 2020

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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Time for my January 2020 goals review.

I’ll split this post up into two different sections: financial and non-financial (will probably think of a sassier name next time).

Financial Goals

There were a few opportunities to accumulate in the market this month with increased trading activity due to the coronavirus outbreak. As mentioned in my previous post, the market became more volatile especially in the week after the Lunar New Year, and I managed to scoop up a few more stocks over the past week.

Here is what I’ve managed to nibble on this month:

  • 50 lots of FU YU MANUFACTURING LTD @ $0.66

  • 50 lots of FU YU MANUFACTURING LTD @ $0.65

  • 50 lots of WILMAR INTL @ $3.94

  • 20 lots of AIMS APAC REIT @ $1.42

  • 50 lots of WILMAR INTL @ $3.92

No selling this month.

Based on my FI calculator, I can now expect a monthly dividend of about $180 – $200.

In terms of savings account, I should continue to clock about $92 in interest income.

That brings my expected (note: but not actual) total monthly passive income to about $300.


I think I might have too many counters in my portfolio now, and I might start to think about trimming down on the ones that are non-performing. In terms of market outlook, I remain sanguine and will continue to wait by the sidelines for better opportunities. Until then, I will be happy just collecting dividends and saving up.

Non-Financial Goals

I managed to read the following books this month:

  • The Art of Making Money (Jason Kersten, 304 pages)

  • Patriot Games (Tom Clancy, 800 pages)

  • The Sympathizer (Viet Thanh Nguyen) – *did not complete, boring. read 156 pages.

  • Never Split The Difference (Chris Voss, 288 pages)

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck (Mark Manson, 224 pages)

Total: 1772 pages

Not bad at all. I’m happy that I can complete 5 books this month alone!

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