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2019 Year-End Portfolio Review

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I did a review of my portfolio last week. Since I received a statement by CDP outlining the dividends and portfolio value, I felt that it was a good idea to log them down on my excel sheet.

What a great exercise! As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, I don’t think my portfolio is particularly impressive. I felt a slight nudge in my side and felt that this new year should herald in some intentional changes I must do to improve.

Despite being almost 6 years vested in the stock market, there hasn’t really been a lot of action especially over the last couple years. The overall market sentiment still feels very bullish and the stock prices reflect that. The fact that everyone started saying that the next market crash is just round the corner made me happy enough to just want to wait out until things start going south before I start deploying my warchest. I hope that there will be a lot more great opportunities this year to beef up the portfolio so that cash won’t just lie dormant in the bank accounts.

Dividends-wise, if possible I would like to specifically hunt for great companies which go XD and pay dividends in months where I am not currently collecting any. I am of course cognizant of the fact that buying great companies are always more important than chasing the goal of having monthly distributions, and so I will still choose the former over the latter if opportunities present itself.

So here are the months:

January  nil

February SoilBuild


April nil

May Comfort Del Gro DBS Kingsmen Creative QAF SoilBuild ST Engineering Wilmar Intl

June AIMS AMP Tuan Sing July nil August Comfort Del Gro DBS SoilBuild Wilmar Intl Raffles Medical

September AIMS AMP QAF ST Engineering

October nil

November DBS Guocoland SoilBuild

December AIMS AMP

Total dividends: $1325.57

As you can see, dividends are only about $110 per month.

Interest income from the bank accounts are also about ~$100-120 per month.

My goal for this year is to see if it is possible to find opportunities to increase total dividends to $2500.

To be frank, I can just deploy the cash on hand tomorrow to immediately fulfil this goal. But the trick is to do it sustainably, and in a positively accretive manner.

If I can’t achieve this goal this year, it’s okay. It just means that the buying opportunities still are few and far between in this current cycle. I’m more than happy to sit on a pile of cash than do rash decisions that I will regret in the near future.

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